FRONT LEFT x Fleur and Felix - 17'

Born from a strong desire to transcend Australia’s techno establishment, FRONT LEFT submerged Sydney’s nightlife with its eclectic mix of immersive sound and visual experiences. Looking for a way to apply its raw and hypnotic energy to textile design, a collaboration with Fleur and Felix arose within the inner-west.

Following FRONT LEFT’s singular offering to the music industry, the design concept behind this collaboration was driven by the desire to create unique garments that would embody both FRONT LEFT energy and Fleur and Felix aesthetic.


Hand picked lightweight, black long sleeves tees were selected as the base textile element representing the dark and raw aspect of FRONT LEFT’s underground culture. Deconstructing the symmetry of FRONT LEFT’s cubism logo in four distinct screens laid the foundation of the print design. By reinterpreting the artwork differently every time through screenprinting techniques, each garment was designed with its own purpose and singular aspect.

The front of all tees were repeatedly printed with a series of punctuated numbers and letters: 33.9101S151.1638E, hinting at the event location. Below these numbers, the FRONT LEFT typography runs backwards aside from the two FF, a subtle hint at the collaboration with Fleur and Felix.


A unique combination of 6 water based colour paints and continuous screen rotation of the 4 logo shapes were used to create on the back of the top, totalling 255 prints across the collection for 1530 colour combination possible. Colour palette run from FF space black to pale pink and were all chased from scratch. 

Each garment is individually numbered from 1 to 51 through the screenprint and division of a large square of fabric sewn inside the garment with a single stitch line.

numberingscreenprint numbering