Ukiyo - Transeasonal 16'

‘Ukiyo’ (浮世) is a collection inspired by collective travels, in particular, Japan. From the vibrant streets of Tokyo to Kyoto’s symmetrical temples, Fleur and Felix embodies the invisible essence of style derived from this culture. Stolen from the Japanese language, ‘Ukiyo’ does not have an english equivalent but roughly translates to living in the moment, detached from the constraints of reality; pointing at the collection’s deep sense of freedom and uniqueness.

Leveraging different sewing / pattern experiments and handmade processes such as fabric dye, freehand painting or screen printing ’Ukiyo’ results in uncomplicated, captivating fabric movements. The collection showcases an unheard and understated simplicity while breaking gender differences through an exclusively unisex range.

Ukiyo was launched at FASFHEST 2016.