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Who are Fleur and Felix?

Fleur and Felix is the creative association of Rebecca Pino (Bec) and Jean-Baptiste Aubrun (JB) - a relationship built over the years which, ultimately developed into making new pieces and creating a studio early 2014.

Partners in life, Bec and JB have always been driven to create, together. Sharing ideas and aesthetics as an integral part of their relationship, the creation of Fleur and Felix was just the natural development of their creative energy.

All pieces are designed and made in Sydney, Australia.

Fleur and Felix

How did it start? 

The first piece made by FF was a choker. A classic fashion item from the 90’s, Bec noticed the lack of engaging products around that trend and decided to source materials to make some herself. A few photos of the extra chokers were added to the online marketplace Etsy and the uptake was as phenomenal as unexpected.

How did it grow? 

Quickly catching up with worldwide orders, Bec and JB knew it was time to grow into a sustainable brand. Expanding our range with homemade and sourced jewellery, FF also introduced an apparel range. Working with renowned artists over t-shirt designs and proposing unique aesthetics comforted them to keep creating and improving.


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Fleur and Felix Studio

Fleur and Felix Studio


Fleur and Felix studio